• How to start with my new CNC?

    First of all please read the instructions that you received with your CNC on the USB stick.

  • How to install UCCNC?

    Read the User manual of UCCNC which can be downloaded on the official CNC Drive page (https:\\www.cncdrive.com/UCCNC.html) or you can find it on the USB stick.

  • How to square X, Y-axis?

    Our XP-Line and X-Line have auto square when you do homing of all axis. For fine-tuning of squaring you have two screws for the Y1 and Y2 sensor in front of CNC that are used for squaring.

  • How to set up a network for AXBB-E?

    Manual for installation can be found on our USB stick or can be downloaded on the CNC Drive page ( https:\\www.cncdrive.com\AXBB.html). With our CNC you will get an ethernet cable for direct connection so setup information can be found in manual chapter 5.

  • Leveling CNC?

    A convenient method to ensure the table axes are aligned along the same plane is to use a long level and adjust the leveling feet such that the table is level along X, Y, and diagonally. This is very important! When to re-check: When your machine is moved to a new location in the shop.

  • Electric requierments?

    For CNC machines that use a 2,2kw spindle you will need 1 phase electrical connection with a 16A fuse
    For CNC machines that use a 3kw spindle you will need a 3phase electrical connection with a 10A fuse

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