Warranty Policy

XPATH CNC machines is not responsible to the other customer for any damages due to material damage, personal injury, loss of use, business interruption, customer time, loss of profit, or loss of data.

In addition to the legal guarantee for our products, we also offer a manufacturer's guarantee. If a third-party manufacturer's product is covered by a warranty, the terms of that company's warranty will apply.

We provide a warranty for our products under the terms and conditions as set out in the warranty card.
Under the terms of the warranty, we guarantee that the products will have the characteristics and features as set out in the end-user documentation and will function perfectly for the duration of the warranty period, which starts on the date of delivery. The warranty period shall be 12 (twelve) months from the date of delivery and for some products 36 (thirty-six) months from the date of delivery.

Our warranty terms

During the warranty period, we will, at our choice, replace or repair items found to be defective due to defects in materials and/or manufacturing.

If we replace all or part of an item, the old components that are replaced become our property.

Warranty repair or replacement (in whole or in part) does not extend the warranty period and does not trigger a new warranty.

Warranty claims must be supported by the original purchase receipt/original invoice.

Please pack the damaged product properly to avoid damage during transport and send it to our address above. Please include the original proof of purchase in the package.

If the fault is within our warranty, we will repair or replace the product free of charge. In this case, we will also cover the return shipping costs.

If, after checking, it turns out that the fault is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, we will contact you to discuss how to proceed. In this case, you will be responsible for the return costs.

The warranty does NOT apply to:

  • incorrect use
  • incorrect installation or disassembly by the customer or third parties
  • wearing parts (e.g. seals, bearings, ball-screws)
  • consumables (e.g. cutters, other tools)
  • unauthorised modifications to the product
  • small deviations from the target quality which do not affect the actual real practical value of the product
  • damage caused by dirt (e.g. dust or chips from machining)
  • malfunctions, failure to follow operating instructions and damage caused by external factors (e.g. chemicals, heat, humidity, dust, over-voltage)
  • damage caused by normal wear and tear
  • injuries caused by intentional damage
  • defects in the product caused by transport, installation and use
  • consequential damage caused by a defect in the product
  • products incorrectly installed or put into service
  • damage caused by improper or incorrect maintenance
  • damage caused by improper use of our products (e.g. damage to tools that are in constant commercial use, even if they are only suitable for hobby use)
  • damage caused by unauthorised repair attempts without prior consultation with XPATH CNC
  • damage caused by force majeure or natural disasters
  • normal wear and tear (e.g. spindle bearings)
  • improper maintenance
  • improper or careless handling
  • improper storage
  • failure to follow instructions for use
  • defects already known to the buyer at the time of purchase
  • force majeure
  • inappropriate place of operation
  • chemical, electrochemical or electrical effects

For warranty claims after the expiry of 12 (twelve) months from the Date of Delivery, the following shall apply:

  • the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs;
  • the Buyer shall be responsible for the risk of accidental destruction or damage to the Product during the period between the notification to XPATH CNC and the return of the Product to the Buyer;
  • the duration of the warranty shall not be extended or restarted in any way because the Customer has been unable to use the Product due to the inspection, repair or partial or total replacement of the Product and XPATH CNC shall not be obliged to issue a new warranty for a replacement product or a replacement part of the Product;
  • XPATH CNC shall not be obliged to provide the Customer with a replacement Product for temporary use and the Customer shall not be able to claim any damages for being unable to use the Product until XPATH CNC has repaired or replaced the Product and the Product has been returned to the Customer.;
  • a claim for repair or replacement of the Product, at XPATH CNC's discretion, is the Buyer's exclusive claim/remedy under this warranty statement and any other claim/remedy the Buyer may have at law is expressly excluded.;
  • Any other consumable parts that are subject to continuous wear are excluded from the warranty (e.g. cutters). After 12 (twelve) months from the Date of Delivery, the following components are excluded from the warranty: spindle, servo/ stepper motors, controllers, frequency converters. After the expiration of 12 (twelve) months from the Date of Delivery, the warranty shall expire upon any transfer of the Product (e.g. sale, donation, rental, etc.) to a third party.;